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Holland America Cruise Tours  Seven Mistakes You Should Avoid with Your Alaska Vacation

1. Assume that all Alaska Land & Sea Vacations will fulfill your expectations of Alaska.

Don’t choose a Cruise Tour without comparing the differences between Cruise Tours. Don’t just choose one that is featured on a web site that benefits only the seller. Be sure that you understand what is included in your selected Cruise Tour. Do you want to spend more time on a ship or on land? Not all Cruise tours are created equal!

2. Selecting a cruise line without comparing the differences between them on how they show you Alaska.

Take the time to investigate which cruise line is best for you or your group.  Compare which cruise line offers the best land itineraries, cruise experience, glacier experience and best ships for viewing Alaska. 

3. Assume that all Glacier experiences are the same.

Don’t overlook the different choices you have between the different glacier experiences. Learn about the differences between Glacier Bay, Hubbard Glacier and Sawyer Glacier. Which one fulfills your expectations? Choose the one that is best for you.

4. Decide to shorten your trip to Alaska without considering what you are giving up.

Some shorter Cruise Tours offer you a very fleeting view of Alaska. Many times by adding one or two days, you can improve your visit to Alaska greatly without adding much extra cost. Remember, a major cost of your trip is airfare getting to Alaska. You want to see as much as you can in a reasonable time period. We generally recommend at least a 12-night Cruise Tour. If you need to spend less time in Alaska, take the time to understand what you will be missing.

5. Assume that all Land & Sea Vacations offer the same modes of transportation in Alaska.

Don’t wait until you get to Alaska to learn how you are going to travel between attractions and hotels. Take the time to decide how you want to travel… Luxury railroad cars with dining available, motorcoach, river boat, historic railroad. It is much more fun riding and dining on a very luxurious railroad watching beautiful scenery go past than riding by bus on a highway.

6. Forget to investigate the weather, recommended clothing and insect problems before considering a date to visit Alaska.

Be sure to consider the weather and insects before selecting a date for your trip. Be sure that you take the proper clothing on your trip. You don’t want to be watching a glacier calve in just a short-sleeved shirt.

7. Choose a Land & Sea Vacation that does not offer good wildlife and whale watching opportunities.

Remember cruise ships cannot go looking for whales and moose do not come up to your hotel. If seeing wildlife is important to you, you need to choose a Land & Sea Vacation that offers more time in Denali National Park. Or, if whales are important to you, you need to choose one that offers the Kenai Fjords National Park cruise or a whale watching excursion. Not all Cruise Tours offer the same opportunities to see wildlife and whales.

In other words… Take the time to plan your trip and do your homework and you will have a memorable trip to Alaska. We have the time to spend with you to choose the right cruise line and Land & Sea Vacation for you!

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Alaska Cruisetours
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